When I first met Miranda + Evan, I knew that they were the type of clients that I would love to capture on their wedding day. They are just people that you want to be around. I had such a lovely time at their engagement session at Olds College last autumn, it was so easy to work with them, and you can tell how much they love each other in every look they share. In the fall I couldn't wait until their wedding day, and I wasn't disappointed. The day was magical!

As expected, their wedding day was a gorgeous mix of beauty, fun, happiness, and love. I feel so lucky to have clients that are so welcoming and willing do all the crazy things I ask of them. They picked a gorgeous location, Willow Lane Barn in Olds, AB, and had every detailed planned out and perfectly executed.

August 5, 2017, began just like any other day. The sun rose, and people gathered. Luckily this was an extraordinary day for Miranda + Evan; this day was their wedding day, and though excitement and nerves hung in the air, their friends and family created an atmosphere of love and support for them to enjoy every minute. The weather gave us all a little bit of a scare with dark clouds looming in the distance, and at times right above us, however, the rain held out until everyone was inside for dinner. The day filled with laughter and joy as Miranda + Evan's bridal party kept them entertained all day and the positive energy flowing. Their ceremony overlooked the vast wheat field behind the barn, a sight so common in rural Alberta, and a crop that just so happens to be Miranda's favourite. 

We enjoyed portraits at and around the barn, with its many beautiful and secluded areas, while guests enjoyed games and beverages on the lawn. We also ventured to Miranda's family farm to get just a few more family pictures. Miranda + Evan and their bridal party were so lovely during the portraits and were never wary when I asked for just one more. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and perfect lighting.

At the reception, all of Miranda + Evan's guests enjoyed the evening with fantastic food and drinks. Every speech elicited laughter and showed just how much care and love was in the room. Dancing concluded the evening, and the dance floor was never empty.

We were fortunate enough that even though the rain did hit, eventually it let up long enough for Miranda + Evan to end their perfect day with a rainbow.

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