Why have a portrait session?

Portrait sessions are the perfect reason to gather your loved ones together and capture a moment in time. Portrait sessions are available for family, maternity, anniversaries, family reunions, new additions to your family, or just because.

These days everyone has a camera in their pocket almost 1 trillion photos are taken everyday. But of those photos we don't always treasure them. A portrait session gives you an excuse to get photos of the whole family at a special moment. This is almost one of those photography facts that you wish you didn’t know. But once you know it, you can never unknow it. Every two minutes, we snap more pictures than the whole of humanity did in the 1800s.

Only a few million images were taken in the 80 years leading up to the first commercial camera. In 1999, Kodak reported that we had taken approximately 80 billion pictures.

The estimate is that we share 730 billion images a year on Facebook alone. Thanks for all the food images and selfies, guys.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based in Calgary, AB and yes I love to travel! If you want me to photograph your story. There is a travel fee depending on how far I need to go to capture your story. Send me an email and we can discuss the specifics.

When will we get our photos?

You will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within maximum of 4 weeks.

How many pictures will we receive?

The number of images provided will depend on the session type you have booked.

For a Full session you are guaranteed at least 50 images. For a Half Session you are guaranteed at least 20 images. For a Mini Sessions you are guaranteed at least 10 images.

I have specific poses in mind. Can we incorporate them into our session?

Fantastic! I can’t promise to get exact poses, but I do love to see what kind of mood you are going for with your photos. If you have pose ideas, please send them or share a Pinterest board with me before your session. That way I can get a feel if you want to be more candid, more romantic, or more playful and it gives me a chance to craft the pose to my style.

What if it rains or snows on the day of my session?

If the weather is unruly on the day of your session, we have a few options; we can embrace it, use an indoor location we'll have as a back-up, or reschedule.

Because the weather in Calgary can be so unpredictable, I am comfortable shooting in any weather conditions, but I understand that you aren’t. On the day of, if the weather is looking less than ideal, we will work with the back-up location or reschedule for a date that looks more promising.

What should I wear?

As far as clothing is concerned, I have the following tips. Decide with your partner/family/group if you want to be dressed up, casual, themed, etc. You want to be matching in style, but not matching entirely (unless that's your desire). Think of complimenting and not matching. Avoid loud/bright colours, patterns, and logos on the clothing. These things are too distracting and will put the focus on your clothes and not on you. Dressing in layers would be a very quick way to change the look of an outfit without doing a full outfit change or if you want to do multiple outfits we can make time for that as well. Please be aware, areas to change may be limited depending on our location.

The most important thing is to be comfortable and confident in the clothing you choose. You don't want to be pulling and adjusting your clothes the whole shoot because you feel self-conscious. The negativity will transfer to your body language and expression, that will affect your photos.

If you want some help with your outfit choices, feel free to send me some quick photos of what you are thinking and I can let you know my professional opinion.

I have a comprehensive guide that I send out once you've booked your session to help navigate everything as well.

How do select a location for our session?

Feel free to send me ideas to check out locations beforehand. I encourage you to find a spot that reflects you and a place you’ll all feel comfortable. There is no such thing as an ‘ugly’ location…there is beauty everywhere… we just need to find it.

Make sure the location fits you as a family. If you are city people, maybe don’t pick to do your session at a farm and vice versa.

Should we bring props?

It’s always fun to bring along props if you desire. Feel free to bring things along that really reflect your fantastic personalities. Suggestions: Bikes, a picnic, sporting gear, a polaroid camera, a favourite journal, magazines you like reading. Anything! :) Don’t hesitate to bring anything that truly reflects you individually or as a family. If you don’t want props that’s fine as well. Do whatever you think helps tell your story best. If you are going to bring anything please let me know so I can start thinking up ideas for photos that will best incorporate them.