Piper and Kaela: An Acro Yoga Journey

Every few months I have the pleasure to find a couple of friends, a gorgeous location, and capture something special. I love capturing the progress of athletes, and with these two friends, it's no different. Over the last two years, I have gotten together with Piper and Kaela for four photo shoots to track the progress they have taken to improve their acro yoga. I love these sessions with my friends; there is always laughter and happiness.

The First Session

Our first meeting was in the fall of 2014, and they were just starting out in poses together. Even these two, somewhat beginner poses(compared to what they can do now) took many tries to accomplish and resulted in many laughs as they fell out of the poses.

The Second Session

The second session was in the autumn of 2015, and we took a trip out to Canmore to get some amazing scenery in the background. We arrived in Canmore to dense fog obscuring the mountains and a chill in the air. After a coffee break in town, we finally got to some acro yoga. A year makes a big difference when you have experience. During the year they had been introduced to acro yoga. They had practised with each other and others to get better and more confident. It's amazing what the human body can accomplish with practice. As a photographer I loved the fog, it gave us a gorgeous diffused light and allowed me to capture the beauty of the scenery.

The Third Session

Our last two sessions were in the last month of June 2015. Both headed to the same destination, but only one getting there. One we ended up on the highway, that was blocked off, attempting yoga on the hard asphalt. It makes a superb photo, but I know it made them a little uneasy with the hard landing area if anything goes awry.

The Fourth Session

The fourth session finally took us to Forget Me Not Pond, near Bragg Creek, AB. Although we expected rain for days beforehand, we arrived at the lake to barely cloudy skies and warm weather.

I loved this session the best. The trust between these two is unmistakable. Between the difficult new poses, slight adjustments in the air, and attempting dangerous poses inches from people passing by and the edge of the pond I am always impressed by them.

I love being able to be a part of their journey into this activity. Piper and Kaela are always pushing themselves and learning new things about their bodies. Capturing the journey is rewarding, and I can't wait until the next session and where ever we will end up next.

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