I'm going to start this blog by saying I am entirely IN LOVE with this session. It's my first winter engagement and I couldn't be happier with how gorgeous of a day we received. I would have work with them for hours but the freezing temperatures did make it a little uncomfortable.However, Rebecca + Alex were great sports and were so much fun to work with. The snow creates such a cosy setting to cuddle up and watch the sunset.

My favourite way to direct my sessions is to play games and get my couples to interact during our sessions, that way they get to relax a little and enjoy each other's company instead of just acting for the camera. These two made my job so easy because they weren't afraid to be silly and be open with me. Through the whole session, I could tell how much they loved each other, and I was so happy to capture that for them. They were able to make each other laugh, have a good time, and take the serious moments as they came.

When I first talked with Rebecca + Alex, they wanted to do a fall engagement session in the wilderness. Of course with busy schedules and the unpredictability of Calgary weather the snow came just before their session, and although it wasn't what they wanted initially, I think we arrive at a beautiful finally with this winter engagement session.

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I can't wait to do more winter sessions, and I hope this inspires you to book a winter session for yourself. Check out more on my facebook page or contact me by email and I can't wait to meet you.