I was so excited to capture Janelle + Declan's backyard wedding on August 12, and I wasn't disappointed. It was a blazing hot day with not a cloud in the sky and what a beautiful day to get married. Their ceremony was held in their backyard on the Tsuu T'ina Nation, and then we travelled to the reception at the Bragg Creek Community Centre. The view they have from their backyard is magnificent. Unfortunately, the smoke from the nearby forest fires obscured the clear view of the mountains, but it is still breath-taking. They did a fantastic job of setting up the perfect ceremony space and were so lucky to have a large group of family and friends to help them out.

As with most wedding days, the day began with a tizzy of activity and abundance of love, this day was like no other. Janelle began her day with hair and makeup surrounded by her TEN bridesmaids. Similarly, Declan had an equal number of groomsmen rounding out the bridal party to a full TWENTY. With a flurry of commotion the whole bridal party, as well as Janelle + Declan and their daughter, got dressed and prepared in the house and awaited the beginning of the ceremony. It was so special to be around Janelle and all her stunning bridesmaids during this hectic time. It's the largest bridal party I have ever worked with, and they made it so easy to manage the group. I know Janelle + Declan felt so surrounded by love and support with so many of their friends and family standing with them.

The whole day was surrounded by a theme of a tight-knit community from the ceremony to the reception it was a clear highlight for this couple. Every member of the bridal party gave a speech as well as a few other family members, and in every speech, this became a clear vision of family, friends, love, and togetherness.

I wish these two love + happiness in their continued life together!

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